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Band uses phones to make music

New York-based rockers Atomic Tom have become an internet hit after a Line 6: MIDI Mobilizer - iPhone/iPod Touch MIDI Interfacevideo of them performing one of their songs using just the instrument applications on their iPhones and an amplifier was loaded onto the web.
Staged on a subway train in the city, the group turned what is normally a mundane commute into an entertaining journey for passengers and highlighted the merits of utilising modern technology in music.
Indeed, despite the fact that the iPhone apps might not be as ‘pure’ in terms of their sound as real instruments, the video shows off what people with creativity and talent can achieve.
Music on the subway or on the London Underground is nothing new and many commuters will have experienced music during their morning trips to work.
However, the tech-angle of this impromptu performance makes it all the more interesting and innovative.
Each member of the group had their own iPhone, running special apps to replace the real-life instruments they would otherwise use.
So whether it was the keyboard or drums, the group recreated the rock band experience without any actual rock band equipment.
The video has since been uploaded to YouTube and has logged more than 900,000 views.

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