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Auditions open for YouTube orchestra

The innovative and clever YouTube Symphony Orchestra is now accepting auditions from musicians around the world who want to be part of the project.
It is the first time that YouTube has held auditions for the orchestra and the lucky chosen few will be sent to Australia to perform at the Sydney Opera House during March 14th – 20th next year with the other participants.
Prospective musicians have two options when it comes to auditioning. One is with the Orchestra audition and the other is with an improvisation audition. The Orchestra audition uses a specific piece of sheet music, while the improvisation audition features a personal composition.
The best and most creative performers will be selected to form the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 and invited to perform under the direction of conductor and YouTube Symphony artistic advisor, Michael Tilson Thomas.
Musicians will also be able to use the handy tutorials on the YouTube page to brush up on their skills before submitting any clips of them playing an instrument.
Meanwhile, those logging onto the YouTube Symphony Orchestra’s page this year will also notice an extra bonus treat. There is a fully-interactive webcam-based instrument you play with your phone, camera screen, or a piece of paper. All technology-obsessed musicians need to do is print off a photograph of the pixel square image on the screen, turn on their webcams and hit the play button – and they will be making tunes in no time.
The YouTube Symphony Orchestra is a global endeavour devoted to sharing the love of music and celebrating “humanity’s vast creative diversity”.

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