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Andrew Lloyd-Webber bemoans neglect of creative industries

The government’s ongoing drive to reduce public spending is strangling the creative industries in Britain.
That is according to world renowned composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber, who has argued that the coalition is “turning its back” on an industry in which Britain has historically had an enormous influence.
Speaking at an event at the House of Lords, Lord Lloyd-Webber was fiercely critical of the government’s approach to high culture, claiming that it has not implemented a clearly defined strategy.
The 64-year-old explained that despite his extraordinary success, and the increased pressure that has been placed upon the industry from government policy and the economic downturn, he is determined to continue to unearth homegrown talent.
“Every day I see how the ripples of a successful creative industry are wide-reaching and affect all aspects of our lives. We underestimate this at our peril,” he told those in attendance at the House of Lords.
“Britain is a talent hub that creates production and content that resonates around the globe.
“And yet I can’t help but feel that in the cult of Austerity Britain, government is turning its back on one of its most promising and world-leading sectors.”
He observed that the arts industry currently finds itself facing unimaginable strain, and if it wasn’t for the continued financial support of individuals and private firms, the industry would simply not be able to survive.
“Our vast creative potential is being strangled without any clear funding strategy for its long term future,” Lord Lloyd-Webber said.
The views of Lord Lloyd-Webber are sure to make waves in the industry in which he is one of the most respected figures, having composed hits for a number of the biggest West End musicals, including Evita, Cats and The Phantom of the Opera.
He has also won a long list of prestigious awards during his storied career, including three Grammys, a Golden Globe and even an Oscar.
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