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Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gary Barlow collaborate on new Take That material

They have already collaborated on a number one hit single, and now it has been confirmed that world renowned composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is to help Gary Barlow create Take That’s next album.
Both men were instrumental in the development of the Diamond Jubilee charity single Sing, which topped the UK singles chart earlier this year. And in light of that success, the pair are due to work together on Take That’s eagerly-awaited new album.
The news was confirmed by Lord Webber, who told The Sun: “I’ve come up with the tune this time and he’s already emailed me with lyrics this morning. It hasn’t got a title yet.
“Gary’s going to be down in Majorca this summer and so will I, so we’ll get together and something will come out of it.”

Lord Lloyd Webber, 64, added that the original plan for he and Gary was to write the songs for other artists. But, for a range of reasons, it was decided that the new tracks would instead appear on Take That’s new album, which is sure to be a commercial success.
Specific details of the album are thin on the ground, but speculation has claimed that it is set for release sometime next year, with another major tour set to follow the launch of the new material.
Robbie Williams is currently recording solo material, while Gary remains busy with a number of different projects, including work as a judge on X Factor 2012. The band are due to perform together at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, an event that is set to attract a TV audience of more than a billion people.
Sadly, Robbie will not be at the event as his wife is due to give birth around that time – but for fans of Gary and the other boys it will help to whet the appetite ahead of the new album.

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