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AmpliTube iRig Wins MusicRadar Award!

AmpliTube iRig Wins MusicRadar’s Best Guitar Accessory of the Year Award! Amplitube: iRig Interface Adaptor
“AmpliTube for iPad and iPhone has the best sounds”
MusicRadar has scanned through all of the products that they have reviewed in the past 12 months and chosen their ten absolute favourites out of the finest and ‘droolworthy’ products that have arrived over the year. Sections include best accessory, best guitar, best bass, best amp, best effects and more.
AmpliTube iRig was their definitive choice as the Best Guitar Accessory of 2010 and we were delighted to be the recipients of their annual award in this category.
MusicRadar’s spokesperson said: “It might seem unremarkable in the last days of 2010, but if someone had said 20 years ago that soon we’d all be carrying around telephones that also contained our record collections, a fully-featured suite of guitar amplifiers and effects and a multi-track recorder, we’d probably have wondered if they’d mistaken a sci-fi movie for a documentary.”
They continued: “2010 saw IK Multimedia to be the first to really nail the physical hardware that allowed you to plug your guitar into your iOS device… For our money AmpliTube for iPad and iPhone has the best sounds and the addition of a multitrack recorder in version 2.0 gives you a recording studio in your pocket. Amazing times.”
Source: IK Multimedia

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