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Alternative Christmas song competition launched

The countdown to the Christmas season is upon us and audio equipment A Jazzy Christmas - Pianomanufacturer Audio-Technica has launched a brand-new themed competition to celebrate.
Now is the time of year when the classic Christmas tunes start their invasion of radio and TV stations across the country and the organisation is looking for musicians who can put a new spin on age-old Christmas carols.
As such, the music manufacturer has taken to the internet to find the most entertaining alternative Christmas track.
The nationwide competition is being judged by Grammy & Brit award-winning record producer and chairman of the Music Producers Guild Steve Levine.
Bands, DJs or music producers from any genre are invited to enter the competition and have the chance of winning the top prize of £500 or five runners-up prizes of £100 worth of Audio-Technica equipment.
In addition, the first 100 entries will all receive a free pair of Audio-Technica The Big Book Of Christmas CarolsATH-CK51 headphones.
Harvey Roberts, senior marketing manager at Audio-Technica commented: “We are really excited about this competition as we think it might help bring some added impetus to music during the Christmas period. Every year we hear the same few songs, so it would be nice to see something new and creative.”
He explained that the competition was designed to act as an inspiration for the high level of musical talent which exists in the country.
“The competition is an open book for musicians, they can do a quirky cover version of a Christmas carol or song or they can write a whole new piece of music themselves – we don’t mind, it’s the creativity that matters,” Mr Roberts added.
“We want people to express themselves and have some fun making music. Who knows someone might even pen a brand new Christmas hit.”
Further details about the competition and how to enter can be found here.

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