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Advent calendar day 3: discounts on Puretone ukuleles

The third stocking on our Christmas tree advent calendar has offered up an extra one-day-only surprise!

Until midnight tonight, save £5 off Musicroom’s best-selling range of Pure Tone ukuleles. Click here to find out more.
From topping the charts with the likes of Mumford & Sons to sweeping the nation’s classrooms as the instrument of choice for kids over the traditional recorder, the ukulele is easy to pick up, fun to play and sounds great!
The Pure Tone range of ukuleles are great quality and value, offering players the sweet Hawaiian sounds of these cute four string mini instruments at a fantastic price – and for the next 24 hours they’re only £19.99!

Check out the deal for yourself at Musicroom.com and be sure to visit our interactive advent calendar for more great daily deals and giveaways throughout December

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