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Adele speaks out about vocal surgery

She will perform for the first time since going under the knife at the Grammys.

Adele has spoken out about her painful voice problems and subsequent surgery days before her comeback performance this weekend.
The British singer had to have vocal chord microsurgery last November in the US after suffering a haemorrhage in her throat from excess strain.
In an interview with CBS programme 60 Minutes, she described the moment when she knew something was wrong during a performance on French radio.
“It felt like someone put a curtain over my throat,” she said. “It felt like something popped in my throat.”
Adele first suffered from hoarseness last May and was forced to cancel some concert dates as she rested her voice.
Only her problems returned in October and the singer was this time forced to cancel all of her US tour dates.
She tweeted an apology to her fans at the time by posting a picture of herself with a notepad that she had to use in order not to speak.
The timing of her vocal strain has not been good. Her second album 21 was becoming the biggest-selling album of the year in the UK and the US.
Indeed, the album has now broken records for staying at number one for the most cumulative weeks and Adele has become the first woman to have two singles and two albums in the UK’s top five at the same time.
Ahead of her first performance at the Grammy Awards this weekend (February 12th), Adele will no doubt be taking plenty of time to warm up her voice and use the right muscles to avoid straining.
However, in true Adele style, she had other things on her mind during her singing ban. She told the programme that she found it infuriating not being able to swear, so she managed to find an app that read aloud her expletives.
Not only will she be singing on Sunday, but Adele is up for six Grammy Awards.

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