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The New ABRSM woodwind syllabus: 2018-2021


ABRSM are excited to announce full details of their new Woodwind Syllabus, launching today! With refreshed repertoire lists for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophones, Recorders, Oboe and Bassoon, the new syllabus has been published today, along with a range of supporting books. As well as providing new repertoire choices for each instrument; the syllabus features revised sight-reading tests and new scale and arpeggio requirements for candidates taking exams from January 2018 onwards.

Inspiring pieces for woodwind players

To offer variety and new challenges to teachers and learners alike, a broad range of inspiring pieces have been carefully selected for the syllabus. With each list expanding to contain at least 10 pieces, there are many more pieces than ever to choose from, .

While there are popular pieces from the current syllabus, lots of new works have also been introduced. These include famous classics and colourful, appealing pieces from films, TV and musicals. Candidates can choose from classical melodies such as Debussy’s evocative La fille aux cheveux de Jin (from Preludes, Book 1 – Clarinet, Grade 6); and The Birdcatcher’s Song from Mozart’s The Magic Flute (Bassoon, Grade 3). Other new additions include Paul Desmond’s iconic Take Five (Flute, Grade 3); and firm favourite Mancini’s The Pink Panther (Saxophone, Grade 5). Oboists will enjoy the haunting On My Own from Les Misérables (Grade 5); while recorder players will have a yabba-dabba doo time learning the theme from The Flintstones (Grade 1)!

Supporting resources

ABRSM has published a range of new books for all instruments to help learners prepare for success in their exams. These also have new formats introduced in response to feedback from teachers, learners and parents.

Exam Pieces

The Exam Pieces books feature an attractive choice of music, including new arrangements and original pieces commissioned for the syllabus. Each book contains 9 pieces from lists A, B and Cina range of styles. They also include piano accompaniment and unique audio download codes to access recordings. Available for Grades 1–7 (Flute and Clarinet) and, for the first time, Saxophones at Grades 1–5.

*New* Exam Packs

This year, ABRSM are introducing a new Exam Pack format. This brings together the 9 selected exam pieces (along with piano accompaniment and audio download codes); scales and arpeggios; and sight-reading material in one convenient place. Easy to use and available for Flute, Clarinet and Saxophones at Grades 1–5; these books provide really excellent value for learners.

Books for Sight-reading and Scales & Arpeggios

To support the revised exam requirements, ABRSM have also released new Scales & Arpeggios books for all woodwind instruments (now arranged grade by grade). They have also released new Sight-reading books with practice tests in attractive and approachable styles. You can buy combined books of Grade 1–5 Scales & Arpeggios and Sight-reading for Flute, Clarinet and Saxophones (all the material in a single volume, an ideal reference for teachers) and there are new books for Oboe, Bassoon, Descant Recorder and Treble Recorder split between Grades 1–5 and Grades 6–8.

Click here to view the full syllabus.



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