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A Musical Instrument Made With 2,000 Marbles and 3,000 Parts

I guess if someone decided to have a hobby, and that hobby was in building new musical instruments, it’s never really going to be a particularly simple task. There are a lot of instruments in the world, most of them have been around for hundreds of years, it’s not as though new ones are easy to come across.
So, how do you get around that problem?
You build an instrument so phenomenally complex that it requires 3,000 moving, wooden parts which is driven manually by turning a wheel at the side of it like some kind of mangle. I’m sure that in the wrong hands this would have turned into some kind of steam punk disaster. Speaking personally here, I do not understand the steam punk movement at all. Is it just for people to pretend electricity never existed? Is that fun? …Really? Surely there are better ways to spend your time in the 21st century than make up a past that doesn’t exist and then dress like you’re a part of it..?
Anyway, this guy – known as Wintergatan – is Martin Molin’s musical pseudonym. He’s build this unbelievable contraption for our delight. So enjoy it, for goodness sakes. It’s Wednesday.

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