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A look at Rory Gallagher: Blues


‘One of the things that was crucial for me I got from Rory Gallagher, which was the idea of, like, being a guitar player for life and living it.’

Johnny Marr – The Smiths

Rory Gallagher: Profile

Despite over 30 million record sales, and having been a noted influence on such acolytes as Brian May, Slash and Joe Bonamassa, there remains something of the unsung hero about Rory Gallagher. He remains a cult figure, worshipped by guitarists, while not quite a household name (at least, not outside his native Ireland). However, this mystique may be part of the appeal around the man apparently referenced by Jimi Hendrix as being ‘the greatest guitarist in the world’: the Irish guitarist with the checked shirt and a Stratocaster whose power trio Taste stole the show at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. That legendary performance was Taste’s swansong, and the launchpad for Rory to pursue a prolific solo career in the coming decades before his untimely death in 1996.
In any case, if you haven’t heard of him, and have a shred of interest in the electric guitar, you really should check out Rory Gallagher.

Rory Gallagher: Blues

Rory Gallagher’s recorded output reflected a range of styles from hard rock to folk; however, at heart, he was a bluesman, and the influence of American blues can be heard in everything he played. This seminal aspect of Gallagher’s music is celebrated on the 3CD Blues album, released in 2019 to mark 50 years since the beginning of his recording career. The record contains unreleased tracks and outtakes from album sessions spanning his entire solo career including ‘Nothin’ but the Devil’ and ‘Bullfrog Blues.’ Gallagher’s fearsome playing on these classics reflects his deep love and affinity for the blues and more than justifies his status as a guitar god.

The new matching folio to the album contains the following selections:

  1. Blow, Wind, Blow
  2. Bullfrog Blues
  3. Don’t Start Me to Talkin’
  4. I Could’ve Had Religion
  5. I’m Tore Down
  6. A Million Miles Away
  7. Nothin’ but the Devil
  8. Off the Handle
  9. Pistol Slapper Blues
  10. Secret Agent
  11. What in the World
  12. Who’s That Coming

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Rory Gallagher: Blues

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