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5 Reasons Why The New Fender Malibu Guitars are Awesome!

5 reasons to quickly understand why the new Fender Malibu Guitars are so awesome!…
1.  Designed in California
From the California Series of guitars, these brilliant instruments have been inspired by the sun & good times found on the west coast of the USA. It’s a part of the world full of guitar heritage and has inspired many great song writers, such as Fiona Apple (If you don’t know Fiona, check out her most recent album ‘The Idler Wheel…’, it’s sublime!), John Fogerty and Brian Wilson. And we can’t forget songs like ‘Dani California’ & ‘Californication’ (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), ‘California Girl’ (The Beach Boys), ‘California Soul’ (Marlena Shaw) to name but a few.
2. These are Limited Edition guitars
To put it technically, these are FSR guitars, meaning that they are a Factory Special Run of guitars and one-off designs. As a customer of Musicroom, you have the chance to grab not just a limited edition guitar but more importantly a piece of guitar manufacturing history!
3. Perfect for Travelling
All great designs are a balance of style with functionality, so apart from looking great and sounding great, these were also designed to be travel size and have a pickup. Which means you can play, rock, chill and gig anywhere!
4. Stand out from the crowd
The guitars have been designed with Mustang inspired body stripes that are reminiscent of the inspiration Leo Fender took from classic American cars through the years. These guitars don’t just help you stand out sonically, they also make a visual statement, saying that you are not afraid to do things differently and break with convention.
5. It’s a Fender guitar!
That means your Fender Malibu Mustang was designed and built using 70+ years experience making guitars synonymous with all things rock ‘n’ roll.
These guitars are available in all Musicroom Instrument stores from October 11th 2014. To find out more about these stunning guitars, please visit your local Musicroom instrument store, or contact the store directly via the details found on our store page.
The full title of these guitars are the Fender FSR Malibu CE Mustang Electro Acoustic Guitars.

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