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400 primary school children play string concert

More than 400 children from 13 primary schools in Hull have come together this week to perform in a mass string ensemble at the City Hall.
They made the attempt to become the biggest ever string ensemble to perform a concert in the city and are currently involved in the government’s Wider Opportunities programme, which aims to give all pupils the chance to learn a musical instrument or take singing lessons.
Supported by the City of Hull Youth String Orchestra, the young orchestra performed a number of pieces including Beethoven’s Hymn to Joy and the Can-Can.
However, many of the pupils, who were aged between eight and nine, had only been playing a string instrument for a few months.
Speaking to the Yorkshire Post after of the event, Chris Maynard, head of Hull Music Service, said that the performance was “spine-tingling”.
“The first time they all struck up I was absolutely amazed at how good it sounded,” he exclaimed.
Now, around half of the pupils are expected to continue with their musical education in the next academic year. Mr Maynard explained that Hull has a 56 per cent success rate of pupils continuing to play an instrument, above the national average.
“Sometimes they change the instrument, but usually they keep the same one,” he told the news provider, noting that the participating schools saw improved attitude among all schoolchildren while they were learning their instrument, including those with behavioural problems.
Meanwhile, the BBC reported that pupils at Victoria Dock Primary School in Hull have sung alongside 1950s pop group The Drifters at a concert at Hull City Hall, covering M People’s Search For the Hero.
Singer Michael Williams told the broadcaster of the event: “It’s like an educational programme. Not a lot of kids get to experience being on stage in such a professional environment.”

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