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2015: The Year In Musical Review

11) Ryan Adams – Style (Taylor Swift Cover)
We loved Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift’s classic album 1989 this year. It was a bold move by Adams – and it just so happens that Taylor is a massive fan so was more than happy for him to do that. The result was something which combined Taylor’s anthemic, hook-laden pop bangers with Adams’s melancholic tones. It just really works.

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10) Jurassic Park Returns 
2015 marked the year that the T-Rex loped back onto our screens for the first time in 14 years – this time in the form of Jurassic World. We loved the movie (obviously) but what got us really excited was to hear the majesty of the horns kicking into John Williams iconic score. Gives us tingles every time!
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9) Ludovico Einaudi – Elements
Another welcome return was for legendary Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi with his superb album ‘Elements’ which we haven’t been able to keep off the office stereo for months. Once more he’s delivered a uniquely meditative and insular series of pieces, each one perfectly coherent with the next. Taking influence from Euclid’s geometry, the table of elements and Kandinsky this album is packed with songs that we can’t help but visit and re-visit again and again.

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8) Star Wars – A New Beginning
Another relatively enormous film franchise with another relatively timeless theme. We’re particularly fond of this bluegrass version:

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7) RIP Cilla Black
2015 sadly marked the time we bid farewell to the much loved 60’s icon and 90’s Saturday night television mainstay, Cilla Black. She was well known for her catch-phrases but we’ll always remember her for her wonderful singing voice and this song in particular, ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’:
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6) Justin Bieber’s Return To Form
Another notable character who really made a song-and-dance of it in 2015 was Justin Bieber. 2014 wasn’t the best of years for the Canadian singer, a chain of events (mostly captured on camera) went onto harming his squeaky clear image of a good boy next door which in turn damaged his relationship with his fan base. Thankfully, he came back swinging this year with a string of hits which not only endeared him with his former fans but also found a wider audience – with great critical acclaim to.
Well done Justin!

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5) The Return of James Bond
Daniel Craig has been donning tailored suits and sipping on dry Gin Martinis for a fair few years now – and this year marked the time when he made it back onto our screens so he can shoot at us through a lens. We won’t include any spoilers but it was a gripping watch which doffed it’s hat to Bonds in times passed which was a nice touch given just how heavy/dark/convoluted (oops) ‘Sky Fall’ was (but that doesn’t stop us from loving Adele’s incredible theme for it!).
Sam Smith’s incredible tune for ‘Spectre’ has not been off our stereo for months – it’s little wonder they picked him for it, what a voice that boy has!

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4) Beck
Beck had a great year in 2015 with his massive smash hit ‘Dreams’ – this is one we challenge you to get out of your head. Definitely one of the catchiest things this year.

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3) Muse – Drones
Another stonking album full of stadium rock anthems from three guys from Devon – what’s not to really like about that? You have to kind of admire Muse for nailing their rock-opera formula so well.

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2) The Weeknd
An exceptional year in general for R’n’B crooner The Weeknd who single handedly dominated the airwaves for *quite* some time with his druggy tripped out single ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ – he also the soundtracked the box office smash ’50 Shades Of Grey’ with his tune ‘Earned It’.

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1) Adele
I mean – need we say any more on this one..?

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