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100 Club announces Converse deal

Paul McCartney, Liam Gallagher, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Bobby Gillespie have all lent their support to a campaign to keep it open.
Now London’s oldest and arguably most famous music venue, the 100 Club, which has played host to bands including the Sex Pistols, The Libertines, The Clash and The Specials, has been saved thanks to a new deal with the Converse shoe company.
100 Club
The iconic venue, located on Oxford Street, had been threatened with closure due to rent increases.
But owner Jeff Horton has revealed to XFM that Converse are set to sponsor the venue which has lain at the heart of youth culture for more than half a century.
The club was initially a focal point for the growing UK jazz scene before later becoming a home to the R&B and then punk genres.
And although corporate sponsorship doesn’t go hand-in-hand with punk’s anti-establishment views, Horton sounded delighted by the news that the club would remain open.
“With Converse we have literally found the perfect partner,” he said. “They’re not interested in ownership, they’re not interested in shareholding … they just want to stand alongside us as our partners, to make sure that our club co-exists with them and through them.”
A statement released by the shoe manufacturer revealed its reasons behind the move: “Converse and the 100 Club both share a love for music and this partnership is a great opportunity to reunite the 100 Club with a generation who experienced history inside its walls, as well as introduce it to a new generation with a vow to bring the best in music to its legendary stage.”
Concerns surrounding the future of the popular club attracted widespread attention from both the public and from musicians. A petition to save the 100 Club won over 19,000 signatures on Facebook.
Check the 100 club website to see what is coming up and book tickets.

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