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10 More Acoustic Guitarists You've Probably Never Heard Of

Judging from the pretty consistent stream of comments and suggestions from you good people on our last article about acoustic guitarists – we decided to create another article including some of the guys who didn’t get a look-in on our last list of great acoustic guitar players who you *may not have heard of*.
Once again let us know your comments, whether we’ve got it right and who we may have missed!

  1. Justin King

    Hailing from Eugene, Oregan Justin has been heralded as being a pioneering guitarist for his instantly recognisable percussive “tapping” style which has been derived and modulated from a variety of influences ranging from Flamenco to Celtic Folk music.
    Check out ‘Knock On Wood’ above to check it out.

  2. Igor Presnyakov

    Moscow born Igor studied classical music at a Russian academy going onto graduate as both a guitarist and a ensemble conductor. You can totally hear this in his playing – his guitar has so many harmonic intricacies and rhythmic textures it feels like it could be written for multiple instruments.
    He’s a cool guy too because he digs pretty much everything from Reggae to Classical to Heavy Metal \m/
    Check out his pretty swish cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ above.

  3. Don Ross

    Don Ross is one of those guys that incorporates a ton of different influences into his guitar playing style and molds them together seamlessly creating something entirely new. He does a lot of the usual tapping to give some rhythmic drive to his pieces – but his real strength lies in creating seriously catchy hooks which sound simple despite their obvious technical complexity.
    Check out ‘Klimbim’ above.

  4. Thomas Leeb

    Another big guy in this acoustic game is Thomas Leeb – who refers to his musical style as “the bastard child of acoustic guitar”. His technique involves unusual tapping and strumming methods along with taking a pretty decent amount of influence from his hero Michael Hedges.
    Check out his great (and very well filmed, may we add) video for his cover of Pink Floyds ‘Comfortably Numb’.

  5. Tommy Emmanuel

    Tommy is a highly regarded Australian virtuoso guitarist who plays insanely energetically – the guy is literally jumping out of his seat when he’s playing. It’s quite something to behold.
    Check Tommy out above hammering ‘Classical Gas’ into submission.

  6. Nibs Van Der Spuy

    Ex Landscape Prayers dude Nibs is a singer/songwriter and self-proclaimed finger stylist. Not many can say that.
    “Nibs is a foremost proponent of the fine weave of cultural sounds that are this country” (Sunday Times, 5 Stars 2010)

  7. Michael Hedges

    This guy – we have to admit – you’ve probably heard of. If you’re into New Age, you’ll have definitely have heard of him as he won a Grammy for his album ‘Oracle’. He’s the kind of seed crystal for a lot of the percussive acoustic guitar players around at the moment – he isn’t the originator, but he’s somewhere close.
    Check out the live performance of him above playing ‘Aerial Boundaries’

  8. Mike Dawes

    Mike is a 25 year old English Fingerstyle guitar player who cites (surprise, surprise) Michael Hedges as a key influence to his style, technique, method and melody lines. The guys from Gotye also list him as a big influence – which must be nice for him.
    Check out his seemingly possible track ‘Impossible’ above.

  9. Erik Mongrain

    This dude plays some ridiculously fast harmonics and strumming patterns. He’s a pretty well established Canadian composer – again with the Michael Hedges influence – but this time with more of a classical angle as he cites Bach as being one of his biggest influences. 6 million views on this video too so he’s doing alright. Also cite Metallica, Hendrix and Nirvana as big influences on his work.
    Check out ‘AirTap!’ above.

  10. Eric Roche

    Eric was an Irish fingerstyle guitarist who was known for his Celtic/classical/Jazz style guitar playing. He was head of guitar at Academy of Contemporary Music and taught Newton Faulkner.
    Check out his live performance above.
    We hope you enjoyed our list – don’t forget our great range of acoustic songbooks can be found here – including the much loved Little Black Book Of Acoustic Songs!

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